Our Story

The mission of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is to enhance the quality of life for animals and people through compassion, respect and education.

For nearly 40 years, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter has extended the hand of kindness to neglected and abused companion animals in Cheyenne and Laramie County.  Today, we are involved in an ever-expanding effort to accomplish a mission that goes beyond sheltering the homeless and unwanted pet population.  Our goal is to find a home for every adoptable companion animal brought to our door.  To reach this goal, we must increase the number of pets we place and decrease the number of pets relinquished.  We hope to achieve this goal through ongoing community relations programs, such as humane education, offsite adoptions and outreach.

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  • Lynn Boak, President
  • Guy Cameron, Vice President
  • Kevin Jording, Secretary
  • Chloe Illoway, Treasurer
  • Jen Hallingbye, Asst. Treasurer
  • Angi Beauheim, Member
  • Janet Marschner, Member
  • Joe Gallagher, Member
  • Holly Hansen, Member
  • Sue Hume, Member
  • Rob Jarosh, Member
  • Phil Kiner, Member
  • Tammy Mass, Member
  • Max Maxfield, Member
  • Ken McCauley, Member
  • David Pope, Member
  • Kim Sutherland, Member