Adoption Happy Tails

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is proud of their adoption happy tails. We are thrilled to hear from previous adopters and always encourage our adoptive families to either e-mail photos and a story about how well your new pet is doing in your home. If you have an adoption happy tail you would like to see on our website, you may send us a photo of your new adopted pet and their story to or post it on our Facebook page.

The animals’ caregivers here dedicate their time, love and affection for the animals daily, it warms our hearts when the animals that spend any amount of time at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter find their new forever homes. From long time residents to the ones that stay for only a matter of hours, every animal at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter shares a place in all of our hearts.


This  sweet girl is Leia! She was adopted from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter last summer and is loving life! Leia has transformed from a timid and scared dog into an athletic, adventurous girl. Her owner says the scariest thing she encounters anymore are plastic bags! Leia goes camping, hiking and biking with her owner and is very eager to please!




0104151309Mickey was adopted from CAS this past summer. He is such a  smart boy – he already knows play dead, roll over, shake, jump through a hula hoop and can even balance a treat on his nose! Mickey is very sweet, friendly and loves attention. He gets along fine with the other shelter dog, Todd who was adopted a few years ago.





 FrankFrank Metzler

Frank has found his forever family! He is comfortable laying around, giving kisses or just getting into trouble with his new family members!





After Tessha lost Lil Bit’s brother to heart failure last year, they decided to start fostering. Landon, the orange guy in front came in and decided this was going to be his forever home. Its been great having a young kitten around! They look so happy together and fostering truly is such a great experience!

Missy, formerly Cheeca

We had a lovely visit from a sweet pup and her parents this weekend, Saturday April 20, 2013.


Missy was adopted from the Cheyencheeca beforene Animal Shelter in August of 2012 as a skinny little Chihuahua mix. She and diagnosed with a heart murmur the staff at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter knew she needed a special home. She went to just that. Her new family is so proud of her and make sure she has the life a sweet little princess like her deserves. Her heart surgery went great, and was officially given a clean bill of health as of her last check up! As you can see she looks much better from before to now we could not be happier she went to the home a sweet girl like her needed.

Zeke, formerly Zelikzeke

Zeke was a well loved shelter pet by all the Cheyenne Animal Shelter staff. He is a pure bred Doberman Pincher and had some pretty bad separation anxiety when he arrived to us. Because of his behavioral concerns we knew that Zeke needed a special family. Well he found his forever family about a month ago, the Moon family adopted him and they could not be more pleased. They feel that Zeke was made for them and they were made for Zeke. He fits in just like one of the family like every happy tail should be. We know that not every dog is right for each family, and some dogs and families just make such a perfect match like Zeke and the Moon family. We would like to thank them for adopting from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and we know Zeke is eternally grateful as well.


When Walter first came to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in March, he was matted, underweight, dirty and full of dental disease. Thank you to our dedicated veterinarian, she cleaned him up, the shelter staff sent him off to the groomers, and he received a dental treatment for his mouth here at the shelter. Walter spent several weeks here at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter waiting for his forever home, and in that time he gained the love and affection of the shelter staff. In fact one fell in love with him so much she took him on foster while he finished his antibiotics for his infections in his mouth. She decided she could not live with out him. She kept his name and he is doing extremely well in his new forever home. Sometimes shelter staff cannot let go either.

Saffron, now Sugar

saffron sugarSaffron is one of the many Shih Tzus that came to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in November 2012. Saffron, now Sugar because she looks like whipped sugar, was one of the many that were adopted into their new forever homes for a second chance at a happy life. Here is what her family sent to us about her update. “We are loving our adopted pet Sugar, her shelter name was Saffron but we changed it to Sugar because she looks like spun sugar, she is a shih tzu and at first she was a wreck but she is so sweet now and loves laying on our laps. She is even almost all house broke. Alright maybe we are the trained ones but at least there are very few messes to clean up.”


This is Astro, Misty Jackson’s Great Dane she adopted him last spring. When he came to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter he was dirty, lonely, and 40 pounds under weight. Now he is a healthy happy guy! He is at his proper weight and enjoys spending his days with his best friend Jazmin the boxer and his basket of toys! :) “Thanks for having such a great shelter that saved our sweet boy!” Says Misti.

Daisy & Missy

weimersDaisy and Missy were born at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter on March 14, 2013 with their other sisters and brothers. The family that adopted them sent us this precious photo of the two sisters during their afternoon slumber on the couch. As you can see the pair have a rough life and need to be spoiled a little more. We are so pleased to see the babies we raised from birth are doing so well.


frazierand familyFrazier is one of our from rags to riches stories, upon arrival at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter the staff knew he was in desperate need of help, this Maltese mix entering the shelter’s care at only 6 pounds, covered in mats, and ridden with dental disease was surrendered as a stray by the public that found him running the streets. The shelter staff did everything they could to help little Frazier in his time of need, now Sparky. The Veterinarian on staff, Dr. Gathings, took it upon herself to care for Frazier by working on his dental and shaving off the mats that covered his tired body. Unfortunately, Frazier’s teeth wfraizerbeforeere not able to be saved with the infection and rotting that had already occurred Dr. Gathings had to remove every one of his teeth. He was then sent on foster for a week where the first couple of days he did nothing but sleep and eat soft food, but who can blame the little guy after the journey he had just endeavored. His foster parents cared for him deeply and even took it upon themselves to make sure Frazier’s story was shared. After a short while Frazier’s foster parents were approached by an adoptive family for him. When Frazier was brought back to CAS for his check up his new family was here waiting for him. Frazier was adopted and lucky enough for him he only had to spend a short amount of time in the shelter before he found his new loving and forever home. The Hartman family saved a life the day they welcomed Sparky into their lives, and his caretakers including his foster home could not be happier.


TicoThis is one of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter’s favorite adoption happy tail. Tico the Chihuahua originally came to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter on Christmas Eve 2012 because he was attacked by another dog, regretfully his family could not afford to give him the veterinary care that he needed to help him recover from his attack. The shelter veterinarian, Dr. Gathings, came in on her day off to see what she could do for little Tico. It turned out that Tico’s eye was so severely damaged that there was not going to be any way to save it, so Dr. Gathings went ahead and performed emergency surgery to remove the damaged eye. The Cheyenne Animal Shelter staff knew that Tico was on a hard path to recovery and did everything they possibly could to help him feel like he was going to be ok. After his incision was healed from his surgery and he was a little more friendly with strangers, Dr. Gathings gave the adoption staff the “go ahead” to put Tico up for adoption. Well, Tico was not immediately adopted like everyone was hoping he would be with all the publicity he has received over the last couple of weeks, but he was being quite friendly to every person that came to greet him. After only two days on the adoption floor he was finally united with the perfect person for him. Even tho Tico was being more friendly with new people he met, he still required a special home that was quiet enough for him to be able to relax and get the TLC that he needed. Pictured on the left is a photo of Tico and his new mom on the day he was adopted, January 5, 2013 2 days less than two weeks of being in the care of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. The staff could not have been more excited to see that Tico went to a home that was ready to spoil him as much as we did.

Princess, now Maggie

MaggieAnother VERY happy ending! Another long-time resident Princess, a 7 year old German Short Hair Pointer, has found her forever home! Princess has been renamed Maggie June and is now living the good life in Estes Park, Colorado. Her new owner sent us this photo December 20 and says, “She enjoys cuddling on the couch, going on walks, and searching for rabbits. While she was pretty shy her first days at home, she breaks out of her shell a little more everyday. She is showing more and more of her personality! Thank you for providing me with this special girl! I think I adopted the sweetest doggie that I could!” We love the success stories we hear about, especially with the animals that have been in our care for more than they needed to be.


max new homeMax the Pug/Min Pin mix was one of our long time residents here at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, he first came through our doors in mid-October as an owner surrender. Max came to the shelter when we were fighting the ever so horrible kennel cough outbreak that seemed to be uncontrollable. Unfortunately even though the shelter staff were extremely cautious with every animal in the building to prevent any cross contamination, due to the airborne travel of this illness Max did come down with kennel cough. Max was still available to the public to be seen, but in a locked quarantine area where patrons had to be escorted through the building to see him, as well as several other dogs. For some reason, even though Max was one of the sweetest dogs in the shelter for a long time, he kept getting looked over even though he had recovered 100% from kennel cough. Pictured here is Max in his new home, happy and healthy as ever, in mid-December, over 2 months after he arrived at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. We are thinking Max is watching his favorite channel by the look on his face, Animal Planet. We have already had several updates on his progress in his new home, and his family could not be happier with the choice they made to adopt this sweet little man.


250th adoption 002The Ketsdever family helped us celebrate our 250th Home 4 the Holidays dog adoption this year! They were lucky enough to adopt the sweet yellow lab Max. Bringing him into a new home with their little one so they may grow up together. Adoptions like this always help the Cheyenne Animal Shelter staff feel a sense of accomplishment when such great matches are made.


LeDouxLeDoux is a 12 year old poodle mix that came stray to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, he was in desperate need of a grooming and medical attention. The dedicated staff at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter gave him the love and care he needed and placed him up for adoption. LeDoux may be an older little guy but he had so much spunk in him, despite being almost completely blind in both eyes, he made his way around just as well as most dogs. LeDoux was in the shelter for just about 3 weeks, then an amazing family drove over 200 miles to come meet little LeDoux. It was love at first sight and LeDoux was adopted that evening by his new loving family. The following day after he was adopted we already had an update from his family, letting us know how much he loved his new furry siblings, and that he already had an appointment with his new veterinarian to get his health check done. Our family here at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter was so relieved to see that LeDoux found the loving family he deserved. LeDoux is pictured here with his siblings and new dad. LeDoux is the little one glowing in the back right with his dad.


bearBear is a Malamute Husky mix. This family just wanted to show us this gorgeous photo they captured of beautiful Bear. They expressed their gratitude in taking care of Bear and for helping them find their new best friend.


adoptionstoryeditWhat a happy family, Jacky the little terrier mix was adopted to a family that was looking for a second dog, the other dog in the picture was adopted from the shelter almost a year ago after being here for almost a month she finally found the home she was looking for and just in time for Christmas. Now that her family was ready for another dog they decided to come back to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, after such a great experience the first time, to find little Zappa a friend. And they did just that. We love seeing and hearing about pets after they have been adopted, and have several adopted pets that still come in for visits quite often even years after adoption. If you have adopted a pet and want to bring them by for a visit, and maybe to meet a new playmate, please feel free! We love to see how our adopted babies are succeeding in their new lives.


Danni and FamSmalls is one of our bigger success stories of the year. Smalls came to us with his brother and his dad. However it was noticed that there was something wrong with his little heart. The Veterinarian knew he was a little smaller and not as strong as his brother but until she noticed a problem with his heart it was not an immediate concern. Smalls ended up having a hole in his heart and needed to have an operation to fix it. After contacting CSU (Colorado State University Veterinary School) he was transferred down there for full diagnostics and a surgical procedure to fix this little 2 month old puppy’s heart.  His procedure was successful and he was sent on foster for medical rehabilitation. Smalls’ foster family fell in love with him and decided they were finally ready to adopt after holding out for quite some time and fostering several other dogs in the past. Smalls bonded with the children in the family especially the youngest little one, they will grow up together not knowing that without such great people in Smalls’ life he would not have had such a great opportunity with such a great family.