How to Adopt

1.) Head to our “Available Animals” page online to see who is at the shelter.

2.) Come into CAS to view and meet all adoptable animals. Walk through our 3 large dog adoption hallways, cat alley and critter space. CAS is open 7 days a week from 11am-6pm for adoptions – that’s more days than 95% of the shelters in the country!

3.) Fill out an Adoption Application. This can be done ahead of time as well.

If filling out ahead of time please click on the link below, enable editing, fill out all required areas, save to your computer and attach to an email.

Adoption Application

  •  Please remember that filling out this form does not guarantee a hold for any animal, all holds must be placed in person.

*Please fill out, save to your computer and email back the appropriate form to *

4.) Ask CAS staff to bring specific animals into one of our 5 visitation rooms.

  • Visit with trained adoption counselors.
  • Ask any questions or bring up any concerns.
  • You can also bring in your current pets to do a visitation (this may be required with certain animals).

**If you feel you have found your new forever friend and your family and home are ready just let your adoption counselor know it is time to take them home!

  • Adoption fees range from $5-$170 depending on type of animal
  • All animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.
  • Animals will go home with a treat bag as well!

Call the Shelter if you have any specific questions. 307-632-6655.