Barn Cat Adoption Program

Cheyenne Animal Shelter is pleased to introduce our new “Working Cats” Adoption Program!

  • $10 adoption fee (includes spay/neuter, microchip, distemper and rabies vaccinations).
  • Each cat will also have a “tipped” ear to properly identify the cats as belonging to someone.
  • Cats range from semi-feral to friendly cats with behavioral issues that make them unsuitable as indoor pets.

Why take part in the Barn Cat program?

  • Give kitties a second chance to have a good quality of life.
  • A great option for cats that have lived outdoors their whole life.
  • Help to control the rodent population and other unwanted critters such as raccoons.
  • Each cat will be spayed or neutered as to cut down on re-population.

Barn Cat Program Adoption Requirements

  • Must have a barn - these cats need to have the barn to escape from the elements when the weather turns bad.
  • Must reside in the county.
  • Upon pick up of your barn cat that bring a plastic or wire crate to bring your new barn cat home in.
  • We will require  appropriate transportation means for your new barn cat.

If you are interested in adopting a barn cat, please come by the shelter and ask our front desk staff to show you the cats currently available through this program. Cats that have been chosen for the Barn Cat Adoption Program are cats that are already in our facility, if you have cats on your property you would like spayed or neutered you would be asked to participate in the Feral Cat Program, the Barn Cat Program is not designed for personal barn cats to be brought in and re-adopted.