The Cheyenne Animal Shelter takes in dozens of lost dogs and cats each week with no way of finding their owners. Choosing to microchip your pet is an inexpensive, responsible and often life-saving decision. The Cheyenne Animal Shelter will microchip your pet for just $25. Just bring your pet to the shelter between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The process only takes a minute, and no appointment is necessary. The Cheyenne Animal Shelter also holds quarterly microchip clinics with reduced microchip fees of only $20. Please see our event calendar for more details.

Microchips work like an identification tag. But unlike tags and collars, microchips cannot fall off, get lost or be forgotten. They are tiny, harmless devices that are implanted between an animal’s shoulder blades. They transmit a signal with a number that can be detected by special wands that the Cheyenne Animal Shelter’s front desk, animal control officers and many veterinarian clinics use. The number corresponds to a number in a database, linking the animal to its owner’s contact information. If an animal gets lost, anyone with a wand can link the microchip to the owner’s contact information and get him or her home quickly. Please keep in mind that microchips do not work as tacking devices.

Without a microchip, the animal has to stay at the shelter, hoping for a new home. That’s how microchips can be life-savers. Please remember that when you move or change your phone number to update your microchip information for all of your pets. Unfortunately when we have pets come in with microchips but have outdated information it makes it next to impossible for the Cheyenne Animal Shelter staff to track down the correct information to get a hold of the right person.

Every animal that is adopted or transferred from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is microchipped before it leaves, and that microchip is registered in a national database. All new owners have to do is update their contact information when they adopt so the animal can easily be linked to his or her new home.

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter microchips animals that already have homes as well. Pet-owners can bring their animals to the shelter, where we will implant and register the microchip for $25. It only takes a few minutes, and no appointment is necessary.

Check out our own microchip success stories to see just how effective microchips really can be.

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