Microchip Success Stories

Many people do not realize just how important microchips really are, well we have a few stories we would like to share that show just how important having your pets microchipped is and how keeping your microchip information up to date is the most critical part of returning your pet home safely if they get out.

If you have a microchip success story you would like to share with us please e-mail it to info@cheyenneanimalshelter.org

We always love a happy ending.

Tigger Boo & Delma Martinezmicrochip story-edit

Delma Martinez was reunited with her kitty Tigger Boo on Saturday March 20, 2013 thanks to a microchip. Delma was ready to give up looking for her beloved kitty Tigger Boo, after searching effortlessly for almost one month. A family brought her in they heard her meowing under their home and were finally able to get her out of the space under their house and brought her to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Thanks to Tigger Boo’s microchip we were able to contact Delma Martinez and let her know her sweet baby kitty was found and waiting for her to be picked up at the shelter. She was so thrilled to hear the news she came over to the shelter immediately to identify her cat and bring her home where she belongs.

Don Marie & The Shelton Family

microchip storyA family was reunited with their long time lost kitty of over one year Friday January 5, 2013 thanks to a microchip. Mrs. Shelton received a phone call Friday from Animal Control Officer Lee and was shocked to hear her beloved kitty, Don Marie, was found. Still alive, well and ready to finally come home. As you can see in the photo Mrs. Shelton’s kitty was more than pleased to be back mom’s arms as Mrs. Shelton and her children were to have their cat back. The Shelton family lives in the county and had thought for sure a coyote or a fox had got her, when really she took a nice year long adventure into the city of Cheyenne.  This is just another one of our great microchip success stories and another great reason to microchip your pets! Even after you think all hope is lost, there may be a chance that someone, someday will find your loved lost fur-baby and return them home to you thanks to a microchip. For more information on microchips please visit our microchipping page under the resources tab on our home page.


Sven & the Bakers

This is Sven. Sven had been missing from his owners for one year and two weeks. They had moved and Sven got terrified and ran off. To no avail, had they ever found him Sven at CASuntil Sven was brought to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter as a stray.Upon entry, it was found that Sven was microchipped. After calling and speaking with the microchip company the staff were able to reunite Sven with his family, the Bakers. We thank whoever had taken care of Sven for so long, but please remember, if you have found a pet, bring it to the nearest shelter or veterinary clinic to have it scanned for a microchip, you may have found someone’s beloved lost pet. You may be able to reunite a pet with their loving and worried family.