Volunteer Application Process & Forms

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

You must be:

  • Adult (Age 18 and older)
  • Student (Age 16 to 17)
  • Jr. Volunteer (Age 10 to 15) An adult must go through the application process with the youth, accompany the youth to the orientation and accompany the youth when volunteering at the animal shelter.
  • Willing to commit to a routine schedule at the shelter.
  • Willing to volunteer doing one or more the the Volunteer Activities available at the shelter.

Steps to becoming a volunteer:

  1. Fill Out a Volunteer Application: All prospective volunteers need to fill out a Volunteer Application. You may call the shelter to request one at 307-632-6655 or download the Volunteer Application Packet. Simply fill out the information and either bring it with you to the shelter, or feel free to fax it to 307-634-7361. Or if you like, you can mail the completed Volunteer Application to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter – 800 Southwest Drive Cheyenne, WY 82007, Attention to Volunteer Manager.
  2. Attend and Orientation Session and Tour: Once we receive your Volunteer Interest Form, the Volunteer Manager will contact you to schedule an Orientation Session. The Orientation Session will allow you to become more familiar with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. This will give you the opportunity to decide if this is the right place for you to volunteer. Volunteering at the animal shelter isn’t for everyone. A tour will include areas that the general public does not visit.
  3. Complete an Interview: If you decide to continue with the application process, the Volunteer Coordinator will schedule an interview with you. Once your interview is complete, you will be required to attend a training session on your area of interest.
  4. Complete Training: If accepted, you will be scheduled into your respective area of interest.
  5. IT’S OFFICIAL: After training is complete, you will become an “official volunteer” with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. You will remain on our volunteer roster as long as you continue to volunteer on a routine basis.