Youth Volunteers

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter needs volunteers of all ages to help the animals! You must be 15 to volunteer at the shelter without an adult. If you are age 10 to 14, you can volunteer at the shelter with an adult.

Other than volunteering at the shelter, there are many different ways that youth can help, regardless of their age.

Special Events

If you are having a special party (birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation) you can ask your guests to make a donation to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in your honor.

Car Wash

Organize a Car Wash as a Wash-a-Thon. Set a goal of how many cars the group can wash in a day (perhaps 300). Obtain pledges (25 – 50 cents per car) from family, teachers, friends and neighbors for each car that the group washes that day. Make a chart you can fill in as you head for your goal of “300 cars washed”. Choose a visible location to have your car wash; one with lots of traffic on the weekends. You will need to receive permission from the owner of the property where you would like to hold the car wash. Make posters that you can hold up advertising FREE car wash. Ask people to donate any amount, indicating that all donations will benefit the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. This type of event has the potential to raise a considerable amount of money because not only are you receiving donations from each car, you also have a guaranteed amount from the pledges people make.

Bake Sale

Organize a bake sale! Set a date and have everyone in the group sign up to bring various baked goods to be sold. Design posters, flyers and email to advertise that you are holding a bake sale to benefit the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

Have Competitions

Empty your piggy banks. This can be done at your school. Penny Wars is a fun and competitive way to collect funds for the Animal Shelter. Put donation jars in each classroom and collect pennies for a certain amount of time. The class with the most wins a prize like pizza for lunch.

Hold a FUNdraiser

Youth can participate in FUNdraisers by holding A-thons…Hold a walk-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, dance-a-thon, etc. for the Animal Shelter. Hold a contest, concert, event etc. in support of the Shelter.

Wish List

Collect items from our wish list and donate them to help animals. The following items are needed at the Shelter.

  • Old blankets, bath towels and hand towels to make beds for Shelter animals so they can feel safe and warm.
  • Laundry detergent and bleach for those many loads of laundry that we do each day.
  • Newspapers for the cat cages and for puppies to play and sleep on.
  • Toys and treats like cat toys, large rawhide bones, Kongs, nylabones, Dentabones and Amaze-a-Balls.

A Few Simple Guidelines:

  • All projects must be approved in advance by the Volunteer Coordinator at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.
  • Collection of proceeds from youth fund raising projects should be handled by one person (the sponsor, teacher or responsible student).
  • To prevent any misrepresentation, the funds should be given immediately to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.
  • Always get approval for any function from the principal or other school official before holding an event on school grounds.
  • The Cheyenne Animal Shelter gives permission to use our name as follows: “Proceeds from this event (or sale) will be donated to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, a 501c3 non-profit organization.”
  • The Cheyenne Animal Shelter assumes no expenses, liabilities or responsibility for the event. All liabilities are the responsibility of the youth organization during the event.