Donate Supplies

We can always use donations of food, blankets, toys and other items to help keep the animals happy and healthy. Various sizes and styles of pet beds, pet carriers and kitty litter donated in good condition may be resold in our pet store. Below are various other ways you can donate as well!

Operation: Santa Paws!!

 Whether you have 2 legs, 4 legs, fur, feathers or scales we believe that everyone deserves a little something special on Christmas morning. Fill the stockings of homeless, lost and abandoned animals in the Cheyenne area this holiday season!

Operation Santa Paws copyCheyenne Animal Shelter and Black Dog Animal Rescue are partnering this holiday season to ensure each animal in our facilities have a new toy and treat on Christmas morning! This logo will be placed on boxes in locations throughout town. Place any toy or treat in the box to help make this holiday a special one for our furry, scaled and feathered friends. All donations will be accepted and greatly appreciated. Call CAS at 632-6655 or BDAR at 214-6600 for more info.

Check out the Donation List for donation suggestions.

Boxes located at the following locations:

Cheyenne Animal Shelter          Black Dog Animal Rescue

Red Ruff Inn          Broadmoor Grooming

IBMC          Petco



Wish List

Check out our Amazon WishList . Just browse the items, pick the one you like best and have it sent to the Shelter with your information!

You can also purchase any of the items on Our Wish List!!  With the donation of any of the items on our wishlist you will receive a thank you letter as well as tax-deductible contribution information!


Trees of Hope:

If you are interested in donating this holiday season to help care for a lost, homeless or abandoned animal check out our Tree’s Of Hope. With 4 different Cheyenne locations each tree is a little different. Some have handmade ornaments made by staff and volunteers, some have wishlists, and some have donation envelopes. Stop by a Tree of Hope today and find out more information on how to donate to CAS this holiday season!



• Cheyenne Animal Shelter – 800 Southwest Drive.

• Arby’s – 3228 West College Dr.

• Frontier Mall – In front of the woman’s Dillards

• Cheyenne VA Medical Center – 2360 E. Pershing Blvd.



BarkBox online business that creates packages for your canine pal. Through paying a simple subscription fee a box tailored to your dog will be sent to your house monthly. The boxes are filled with toys, treats and accessories that your furry friend will love! The best part is that when you purchase a BarkBox part of the proceeds will go to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter!

 Click here to get started!

tt206-3If you have an extra spoiled pup feel free to send the box to CAS. We will share the goodies with all our friends here waiting for their forever home!!

Cars for Critters

Donate your old car, truck, jet ski, snowmobile or boat

The Shelter now has a program in place that allows you to get rid of your old automobiles, jet skis, snowmobiles, boats or motorcycles and make a tax deductible contribution to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

Here is how it works– Call the Wyoming Auto Auction at 632-8648 and tell them that you would like to donate and have the Shelter be the beneficiary of your donation. You will need to provide the title (with your name on the front in the owners section) and the keys. You will receive a tax receipt for the selling price for your vehicle. They will be auctioned on certain days and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter will receive all but a small percentage of the money raised. It is that easy. Please remember this option if you are looking for a positive way to get rid of autos or old toys. Please contact us at the Shelter at 632-6655 ext 28.